About Me

My name is Kenny William Nyallau and I am a full stack software developer from Kuching, Malaysia. I was born in the Borneo Island, where I belong to a native tribe called Iban. I graduated from the University of South Australia in 2011 with Masters of Information Technology to pursue a career in software engineering and computer science.

In the past, I have worked as research associate at one of the research labs in University South Australia. The research focus at that time was in visuo-haptic augmented reality (AR), data visualization and AR projection mapping. From 2018 to end of 2019, I was the computer vision lead developer with a startup company in Munich, Germany.

My past work experiences include developing microservices-based computer vision system for identifying multi-channel live video broadcasts, public interactive visualization, as well as AR mobile apps and head mounted display.

My 8 years of professional experience has allowed me to work with many talented collaborators from different parts of the world including United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Recently I have decided to switch away from my career in augmented reality to focus more on impactful contribution towards human society as well as the environment. So now I am learning how use geospatial data to identify interesting trends and patterns in domains such as food production, healthcare and crop and livestock monitoring. I believe that such analysis in those domains would prepare us for the impending food and health crisis due to climate emergency (climate change is already happening on the extreme level, so it doesn't make sense to call it climate change anymore).

When I'm not in front of my computer, I like to read, draw, practice yoga and learn calisthenics.

Featured Projects

Tracking domestic ducks movement in poultry market chain

This is a map web-application demo and data analysis on using data from Movebank website and LeafletJS.

FAOSTAT data analysis on enteric fermentation

These notebooks are reproduction of FAOSTAT data analysis on bovine's enteric fermentation and its effects on the world's climate.

Stroke Prediction

Exploratory data analysis on stroke prediction to predict whether a patient is likely to get stroke based on the input parameters like gender, age, various diseases, and smoking status.

Web-based DICOM Viewer

This is a web-based volumetric DICOM viewer application using VTKJS deployed on Heroku server.

Exploratory Data Analysis on Nutrition

Data science project based on several Kaggle datasets on food nutrition and health.

Heart Failure Prediction

EDA and machine learning model selection on using patients' electronic health records to predict heart failure.

Genoken Bioinformatics Wrapper

Genoken" is an open source general-purpose bioinformatics toolkit for basic sequencing analysis written in Python.

Medical Cost Prediction

Using regression models to predict the medical insurance cost for patients based on their electronic health records.




Python, Javascript, Java, C#, SQL, Bash

Computer vision/Machine Learning

Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet, OpenCV, Pandas, Scikit Learn, NumPy

Geospatial Analysis/Visualization

GeoPandas, Folium, Mapbox, LeafletJS, Rasterio



Web development

HTML5, CSS, NodeJS, React, Django, Flask

Cloud platforms/tools

AWS, GCP, Docker, Terraform, Heroku, Digital Ocean


PostgreSQL, MongoDB


CircleCI, Travis CI


Software Engineer/Consultant (Part time), 2021

• Provided software development consultancy and project management

Computer Vision Lead, Eyecandylab GmbH, 2018-2019

• Led the computer vision R&D department in regards to computer vision tasks and product development

• Successfully developed live video broadcast recognition system using open set recognition algorithm

• Successfully delivered commercial real-time live television broadcast recognition system for LG Uplus South Korea

Software Developer (Freelance), 2015

• Developed prototype augmented reality applications on Hololens and Epson Moverio BT-100 using Unity game engine

• Developed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data viewer on Hololens using Unity

• Developed a DIY fog projection display using ultrasonic atomizers, ventilators and screen projector

Interactive Technologist, Ascend Com Pte Ltd, 2014

• Developed and designed public interactive installations

Research Associate, Magic Vision Lab, 2011

• Conducted augmented reality and human computer interaction research

• Developed an interactive haptic feedback content development tool for VHAR system with Canon VH-2007 (industrial-grade augmented reality head mounted display) and Phantom Omni haptic robotic pen

• Developed an augmented reality training system with Theremin using Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion. Publicly demonstrated at International Symposium of Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) conference

• Developed a gesture-controlled data visualization for spatial AR in Kitamura Lab’s Media Room, Tohoku University

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